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Welcome to the official portal of method-oriented software development. This portal is trying to be a central repository for all information and resources about method-oriented programming and the method-oriented languages. We hope that you will find everything you need to imporove the efficiency of your software development by using MOSD.

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Method-oriented programming is a new software development paradigm. Similar to object-oriented programming, it tries to map real life objects in the source code. Nevertheless, it uses a fundamental new approach. It can not be seen as competing with object-oriented programming, but as an extension and a way to improve existing object-oriented source code. A consequence is that so far all method-oriented programming languages are extensions of object-oriented languages. They allow the cooperation of both concepts.

The abbreviation ’MOSD’ stands for ’method-oriented software development’ and is the umbrella term for anything that has to do with the concept of method-oriented programming.

The abbreviation ’MOP’ stands for ’method-oriented programming’ and is the name of the programming concept.

C-mol’ ist the first method-oriented programming language. It is based on C++ and the method-oriented extensions should be easy to learn for everybody with basic experience in C/C++. It allows to begin method-oriented programming today.

MethodJ’ is the newest member of the MOSD-family and will allow method-oriented programming in a language that is based on Java. MethodJ is finished in design but yet under development.

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The basic idea is to not (primarily) structure a project in the objects it is composed of, but in the activities of the system. These activities are represented in the code by methods (just like the objects of the system are represented by classes).
This leads to a more efficient software development by centralization and elimination of unneeded code.
More information can be found at MOP --> Introduction.

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You can find the contents at the left side. There you can choose whether you want more information about MOP, C-mol, or MethodJ via the tabs. Then you get a list of all subtopics that are available to this topic. At the upper right side of the page, you can always see which topic and subtopic you are currently viewing and left of it you will find the most important information about the currently selected topic, for example the current version of the compiler, and an e-mail address that you can use to ask if you have questions, problems, suggestions or complaints. We would be pleased to hear from you. (You can also write us in German or French as well if you want to.)

If you are interested in method-oriented programming, you will find more information in the MOP-section. There is an introduction about MOP at MOP --> Introduction and more documents at MOP --> Documents.

If you intend to use the method-oriented language C-mol or are interested in the practical usability of method-oriented software development you will find more information in the C-mol-section. There is an introduction at C-mol --> Introduction, a list of events and courses about C-mol in past and present at C-mol --> Events and Courses, the documentation and the manual of C-mol at C-mol --> Documents and – as a matter of course – the download of the completely free C-mol compiler at C-mol --> Downloads.
Please notice that most of these documents are only available in German. Some are available in English. Please read these and if you are interested in developing with the method-oriented programming and need help or if you would like to see one of these documents to be translated, please contact us. We would be pleased to help you but we currently lack the time to translate all these documents to English. If we see that they are needed, we might do it, so please write us.

If you intend to use the method-oriented software development in a language that is based on Java, please visit the MethodJ-section. You can get an introduction at MethodJ --> Introduction and the current state of development at MethodJ --> State of development / Projects.


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